Other Advertising Opportunities

Our reasonable rates and home delivery enable you to target only those areas you need to reach. After all, why waste money on an area you’re not interested in targeting? Avoid wasted circulation and inflated printing costs when you choose to deliver your pre-prints in our community newspapers. Inserts can be distributed by county, edition, zip or sub-zip. Rates are custom calculated based on your specifications achieving the most competitive cost per thousand in the region. Please call 717-492-2530 for a quote.

Preprinted Inserts

Preprinted Inserts

Rates based on weight, size, volume and frequency
Terms– Net 30 days after date of invoice
Inserts must be ¼ folded, not exceeding 8.5″ X 11″

Ship inserts to EPC:
1100 Corporate Blvd., Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 892-6014
*Receiving dock open Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm
Inserts must be received by the
Wednesday preceding insertion date

Custom Printed Inserts

We offer complete insert and custom offset printing services. Let our trained professionals take your idea and
create advertising designed to your particular needs, from a single sheet to a multi-page flyer.

Custom Postcards (DAL-Detached Address Label)

Partners with our mailing list
Budget-efficient – lower than postage
Complimentary design & artwork
Save time – only one vendor

EPC Notes

Front Page Sticker Ad
Low Rates
High Visibility
Exclusive opportunity – one per edition
Deliver to zip codes of your choice

DAL Postcards

Special Sections

Throughout the year, we
offer several opportunities
for seasonal and niche
target advertising through
our home improvement
publications, fair and farm
show supplements, gift
guides, song & recipe books,
and more.

Special Sections